Twitter goes full circle with testing the very cool status feature


A new standing feature has started showing for a few Twitter users that lets them assign one in every of many pre-written labels to their tweets. A advocator for the corporate confirmed the restricted take a look at during a statement given to TechCrunch, whereas Twitter users are sharing screenshots of the feature in action.

“For a restricted time, we have a tendency to area unit testing a feature that enables you to feature a standing topic from a preset list to your Tweets to supply additional context for your followers,” the Twitter advocator same. “So whether or not you're near to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your shower thoughts, or have a foul case of the Mondays, your Tweets will higher convey what you're up to.”

From the screenshots of the feature, it's like several of the statuses area unit designed to exchange the titles and emoji that Twitter users typically place at the beginning of their tweets and Twitter threads. There’s Associate in Nursing “A thread” standing that has the Spool of Thread emoji, “Spoiler alert” with a serious warning call emoji, or “AMA” with a electro-acoustic transducer. In theory, having the ability to place this info during a standing ought to save users valuable characters in their tweets.

The in-development feature was antecedently discovered in Twitter’s code by app investigator Jane Manchun Wong. At the time Statuses can be announce to either a tweet, or Associate in Nursing overall profile, however this latest take a look at solely seems to let users attach them to specific tweets. you'll be able to click a standing to find alternative tweets containing those self same words.

If the feature reminds you of the recent LiveJournal or AIM statuses of recent then we have a tendency to wouldn’t blame you. however additional attention-grabbing is that the roots the feature has in Twitter’s own history. during a diary post from over a decade agone, Twitter co-founder occupation Stone highlighted however the platform was originally planned as a “mobile standing update service” designed to let folks share what they were up to at any purpose in time. But, as of 2009, Stone same Twitter had outgrown this original purpose, and was serving as additional of a general purpose info network. The new standing feature doesn’t appear as if it’s planning to reverse that trend, however it revives a bit of Twitter’s recent purpose.

There’s no word on if, or maybe once, the standing feature would possibly get a wider rollout. It’s a part of a growing list of in-development options at the social media network, that additionally embody mixed-media tweets that would allow you to add each pictures and video to one post, a downvote button, and therefore the choice to provide awards to tweets.


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