Pac-12 Media Day 2022: Commissioner George Kliavkoff blasts 'scared' massive twelve as his league explores growth


LOS ANGELES – Pac-12 commissioner patron saint Kliavkoff found himself in one among the foremost unenviable jobs in sports on Fri, as he was asked at Pac-12 Media Day to declare a conference facing its most important moment in its 107-year history. 

Though he tried in earnest to focus his remarks to league- and collegiality-oriented goals, Kliavkoff simply could not hide his frustration. He lashed out at the primary question concerning school soccer contest access in an exceedingly post-USC world and declined to answer others concerning the machinations of USC's departure. However, he saved most of his ire for the opposite militant conference with close at hand media rights negotiations. 

"As for the large twelve being open for business, I appreciate that. we've not determined if we're going searching there nonetheless," Kliavkoff aforesaid in response to statements created by new massive twelve commissioner Brett Yormark at his inaugural media days event, drawing chuckles from the contingent of reporters. 

The Pac-12 and large twelve are militant since Gregorian calendar month, once USC and UCLA proclaimed their surprising call to go away the Pac-12 for the large 10 by 2024. but per week later, CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd according that the large twelve was targeting as several as six Pac-12 colleges as growth targets, with Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Mormon State taking center stage. 

Kliavkoff's Pac-12 has quickly gone on the offensive. The conference has been "actively exploring growth opportunities," Kliavkoff aforesaid, marking a similar strategy that unbroken the large twelve afloat once Lone-Star State and Sooner State proclaimed plans a year past to go away for the SEC. However, the growth battle is popping into Associate in Nursing existential game of Risk with tens of uncountable tv greenbacks on the road. 

"That remark was a mirrored image of the very fact that {i've been|i are} payment four weeks making an attempt to defend against grenades that have been lobbed in from each corner of the large twelve making an attempt to destabilize our remaining conference," aforesaid Kliavkoff. "I perceive why they are doing it. after you check up on the relative media worth between the 2 conferences, I get it, i buy why they are frightened, why they are making an attempt to destabilize USA. i used to be simply uninterested in that." 

The Pac-12 is within the thick of a 30-day negotiating window with ESPN and Fox ending on Aug. 4. additionally to the linear networks, the Pac-12 is wanting to streaming platforms and alternative digital offerings to probably increase the worth of the league's media rights contract. 

However, the Pac-12 doesn't anticipate reaching any quite tv deal till the large 10 finalizes its consent the approaching weeks. Even then, linguistic communication a contract might take months. Hanging over the conference ar potential overtures from the large 10 to four alternative Pac-12 schools: Cal, Oregon, Stanford and Washington. 

The Pac-12 tv contract expires in 2024, and also the league plans to make new tv properties and deeply explore growth to undertake and maximize its payouts. It's unclear, though, what level of revenue the league will expect with its blue-blood brands heading east and a excess of situations hanging over the remainder of the league. 

Regardless, Kliavkoff aforesaid he remained optimistic concerning his conference's future. 

"We've had 2 board conferences per week for the last four weeks," he said. "Looking my colleagues within the eye, understanding their commitment, that their initial priority is ensuring that the Pac-12 survives, thrives, grows and is made.

"They're committed to the conference. i believe the most effective issue to try to to is raise them concerning it."

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